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Continuing Education Requirements and General Information: Georgia

State Information: The State of Georgia Department of Insurance has approved these courses.
State Insurance Department Website:http://www.gainsurance.org

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Ethics in the Insurance Marketplace
Includes 2 hr of Ethics
2 Hours P&C $29.95
Retirement Income Distribution Planning 5 Hours L&H $29.95
Best Insurance Ethical Practices
Meets state ethics requirement
6 Hours ETH $29.95
Charitable Gifts 4 Hours LH $29.95
Anti-Money Laundering Trends for 2019 1 Hours L&H $29.95
Agents & Advisors Key to Annuities & Ethical Conduct
Includes 6 hr of Ethics
24 Hours L & ETH $29.95
The Agents Guide to Life Insurance 7 Hours L/A/S $29.95
Basics of P&C Insurance for Dwellings 3 Hours P&C $29.95
Homeowners & Automobile Insurance 4 Hours P&C $29.95
Medicare, Long-Term Care & Disability 5 Hours LAS $29.95
Umbrella & Watercraft Insurance 3 Hours P&C $29.95
Trust & Transfer Techniques 8 Hours LAS $29.95
AML - The Battle Rages On 2 Hours L&H $29.95
P&C Insurance Law and Claims Handling
Includes 10 hr of Ethics
12 Hours P&C $29.95
Personal Lines Total Coverage 12 Hours P&C $29.95
Suitability Best Practices
6 Hours LH $29.95
Ethics:A Personal and Professional Code of Conduct
Meets GA 2-hr Ethics
2 Hours ETH $29.95
Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans 5 Hours LAS $29.95
Regulation Best Interest - Annuities
Meets Reg Bi Requirement
4 Hours LAS $29.95
Variable, Indexed, Fixed Annuities, Living Benefits and 2821 6 Hours Life $29.95
Georgia Long Term Care Partnership
Meets GA 8-hr LTC requirement
8 Hours LTC $29.95
GA Partnership LTC Follow-Up
Does Not meet the GA 4-hour LTC Follow Up Req
2 Hours LTC $29.95
Medicare and Medicare Supplements 3 Hours LAS $29.95
P&C Personal Basics 6 Hours P&C $29.95
Flood Insurance Program
Meets GA 3-hr Flood requirement
3 Hours P&C $29.95
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) 2 Hours LAS $29.95
AML 2015 - Agent/Rep Responsibilities Under AML Laws 1 Hours L&H $29.95
Uncovering Social Security Secrets
Meets the GA 3hr Ethics Req
13 Hours ETH $29.95
Ethics for Property & Casualty and Insurance
Includes 2 hr of Ethics
2 Hours P&C $29.95
Contemporary Insurance Topics
Includes 2 hr of Ethics
12 Hours ETH $29.95
Individual & Federal Health Insurance Programs 14 Hours L&H $29.95
AML Developments 2 Hours L&H $29.95
Contemporary Insurance Topics
Includes 2 hr of Ethics
12 Hours P&C $29.95
Indexed Annuities 2 Hours Life $29.95
Ethics in the Insurance Marketplace
Includes 2 hr of Ethics
2 Hours ETH $29.95

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